A Motorcycle Accident is Changing Our Lives

My wife nearly begged me to not get a motorcycle. I used to own one for years before I met her, so I knew that I would be just fine on one. She told me that it was not my ability that she was worried about but the inability of others on the road to respect a motorcycle’s right to be there as well. It turns out that she was not only right but she was spot on too. A car hit me, and I ended up having to get a Sacramento personal injury attorney to represent me because that accident changed so much about our lives.

I am so thankful that my wife has never said she told me so. Instead, she has only shown love, gratitude, mercy and compassion. I spent six days in the hospital, and I had three surgeries in that time. I had to go to a rehab center after for another three weeks because I was just not well enough to go home. I have a strong will though, and I started fighting back my second week there. While I was learning how to do some basic things again, my wife was dealing with a lot of the paperwork.

The insurance companies involved were also making her life a nightmare. She was my medical power of attorney so she had certain rights, and they zoned in on those immediately. I was so proud when she told me that she contacted a law firm to help her because she was feeling harassed. She had enough to deal with, and she was happy to pass that control over to the attorney who took on our case. I am still not back to where I was before the accident, and I may never be. I know that we are going to be okay though, because we have strong wills and also a great lawyer working on our behalf.