A Unique Gift for Those Wedding Events

When my daughter finally decided to tie the knot, the real preparations began in earnest. Anyone planning a wedding knows how hectic the entire process is. All the preparations, the dress, the invitations, the seating arrangements, etc. are a real pain in the you know what. It takes weeks of careful planning and diplomacy to make sure everything is just right. Even the napkins and wedding favors have to be just perfect. Seeing as how my daughter is big into environmental politics, we decided to investigate the idea of wedding favour seed packets.

Traditionally wedding favours are some boring trinket that no one really appreciates and are forgotten about shortly after the wedding comes to a close. We decided to give my daughter’s some pep with seed packets. It’s actually a really neat gift in that it’s something that lasts for long after the wedding is over. These packets contain seeds so that people can take them and plant them later wherever they want. For tree seed packets, they can plant an actual tree that will still be growing when my daughter is a grandmother to her children’s children. The idea is just neat and thrilling.

So the day of the wedding rolls around and the guests were really taken aback by these packets. They laughed and all agreed they’re a great idea and really matched my daughter’s views on the environment. All of them pledged to plant the seed and hopefully send us some pictures years down the road when the trees start growing. What we’re hoping to do is get some photos of my daughter and her husband, along with their children, posing under some of these trees. It’s like a double confirmation of the circle of life! Give these packets a try at your weddings and see what type of reaction you get. They’re sure to be a hit!