Apartment Listings for Alamo Heights

My landlord just slipped a letter under my door today, and it is about renewing my rent. The letter thanked me for being a tenant of the apartment complex, and said that they would love to keep me. However, I was pretty insulted by what followed that. It said that I had a limited time to act to renew my lease at a discounted rate over the rental rates for the next year. I am currently looking at listings for Apartments Alamo Heights and trying to find out some information about pricing for an apartment somewhere nearby that is similar in size to that one that I am currently in, because I am definitely not going to renew my lease and stay here for another year.

I really feel insulted by the letter, because it starts out pretending like they are going to do right by me for being a tenant and a valued customer. However, the discounted rate that they are proposing I renew my lease for, is almost 100 dollars more a month than what I am currently paying for my rent. Now I could understand if my rent went up a bit from year to year, when I renew my lease, but the amount of money that it is jumping up is just simply unacceptable to me, and that is why I am going to have to find somewhere else to live for the next year.

However, I think that I am more annoyed by the fact that they have the nerve to call this price increase a discount, when it is such a large increase. I guess they are going to charge new tenants even more than what they would charge me to renew my lease, but I do not really believe that. I think that they just raise your rates as much as they can and hope you’ll stay out of convenience.