Cheap Natural Gas for Ohio

Apparently, ever since I moved to Ohio, I have been paying a standard price to my default option for natural gas, and I did not even realize that there were other options for companies to go through with regards to natural gas. Nor did I realize that I might be able to save some money if I were to look into these things further. I am interested in Columbia Gas in Ohio and I think that I am going to try to see what sort of rate they might give me if I were to switch to them. They are not my default supplier at the moment, but as I understand it, I think that they could supply natural gas to my house instead of the company that I am currently going through, or at least that is my understanding of things.

I am not really used to being able to choose between different companies when it comes to natural gas, and it is kind of an alien experience, to be honest. Where I am from originally, there was no option to pick and choose between different providers based on the price that they would give you for natural gas. Rather, each area had their own supplier and that was the only one that you would be able to buy from, and that was the end of the story. It seems alot nicer to be able to pick between suppliers, if it gets you a lower rate in the end, and I think it also seems to be a bit more American to have such a choice in the first place. I know that regulations are there for a reason a lot of the times, but other times they just serve to benefit a particular company and cane produce a monopoly in an area.