Country Shores is Now My Home

I looked at so many different Kingsport apartments for rent that they were all starting to look alike to me. I already knew that Country Shores was the best one of the bunch, but I wanted to make sure that I was not overlooking any others that could compete. As it turned out, none could because Country Shores really does have it all. They have the most affordable rent of all the complexes I looked at and liked, which is huge. I also liked that they actually do pay some of the tenant utilities.

I don’t have to pay for trash removal, lawn care of snow removal, and they treat for pests on a regular basis. The last two places I lived also offered those services, but they included them in their price of the unit, which made the overall price go up. Also, the apartments are really nice but they don’t go overboard with features, which also drives prices up across the board. I don’t need to have a huge walk in closet that I could never possibly fill, nor do I need to have a huge patio that will hold a dozen people.

I just wanted something that is small and nice, and also very affordable. That I found a place that fits that bill plus many others was very helpful. Country Shores allows pets, and they do not charge a monthly rate for them either. I had been thinking about getting a cat, and I knew I would finally be able to do that here. They also have plenty of things for residents to do, like swim, work out at the fitness center, mingle and get to know one another at the clubhouse, and more. It really is the best place, and that is why I now call it home here.