Everything We Want in a Home

My brother had an opening in his company, and he gave my husband an offer that was just too good to refuse. My brother had been wanting my husband to join him for a couple of years, but he had been right in the middle of a huge work project that he didn’t want to abandon. Once it was over though, we talked about it and decided that this was the best move for our family. We stayed in my brother’s guest house so I could take my time looking at the Denver real estate market.

Though we had been to Denver numerous times in the past, I still did not want to jump right into a new home there. I wanted to get used to the area first, plus I wanted to make sure that the kids were going to attend the best school possible. That meant careful research, something I was actually looking forward to. I knew that I wanted to use a realtor to help me find the perfect home once we selected the area we wanted to live in, and my brother came through once again for me by giving me the name of the realtor who had found him his home.

I didn’t care if it took me months to find the right house for us, because my brother’s guest house was just fine for us. We definitely wanted our own place though. We wanted a nice yard and hopefully a home that had a large pool set up already. We needed a three or four car garage, four bedrooms, and at least four bathrooms. I looked at several that the realtor had found that met all those requirements, but it was not until the eighth one that I knew we had found our home. We have lived here for nearly two years now, and life really cannot get any better.