Falling out of a Car Will Hurt You!

I sought out the services of a chiropractor in Campbell after a mishap I had with my husband while backing out of our garage. We were in a hurry to get to our son’s graduation service and both of us had our minds elsewhere. My husband was in such a rush to get to the school that he started backing out of the garage before I even had the car door shut. My arm got caught in the seat belt thing and the next thing I knew I toppled right out of the car and hit the pavement hard. I’m lucky the car didn’t roll over me.

I managed to get back into the car and made it to the ceremony, but my shoulder hurt something fierce. By the time we got back to the house for our son’s party, I had to excuse myself to the bathroom in order to slather on the icy hot. That got me through the party, but I knew something was wrong. The sleepless night confirmed this, so the next day I looked for a chiropractic clinic online because I’d been to a chiropractor years earlier for a back injury and knew they could do amazing things with their hands.

I found a place, made an appointment, and went in for a consultation. I described the accident and the pain I was feeling to the chiropractor and they said it sounded like a pinched nerve along with strained muscles. They had me come back after the sprain improved and then stretched my arm and shoulder in such a way as to help the pain. Two appointments later and I felt a lot better. I was supposed to have another appointment, but the chiropractor said everything looked so good that I didn’t need it! That was such great news!