Found a New Job and a New Place

I spent about a week living in one of those extended stay hotels, which was a pretty poor choice really for me. Then I sort of found a temporary place to stay while I was out on my new job. I just happened to make a service call to a nice old lady who was looking to rent out the loft over her garage. It was cheap and just fine for now. I did have to get reliant energy in lewisville to fix it up so that I could have my own meter, because she wanted it that way. The place has a bathroom, which is at the bottom of the stairs and it only has a rather small are where I can stand straight up without banging my head on something. Of course you just put the bed on one side under the eave and on the other side I put a desk with a little kitchenette to one side of it.

I have a mini fridge, a microwave and one of those fancy hotplates. It is what they call an induction cooker and so long as as you use a magnetic metal for a pan it works great. In fact you can make soup on it about as quick as you can cook something in a microwave. I have my computer and a big screen TV, in fact it is a 42″ HD TV set and it is really huge for a room like this. I do not yet have an internet provider, but I have been picking up free wi fi from some place in the area. I get a really strong signal and since I hardly use much I do not feel too awful about borrowing it. If I was going to be downloading stuff a lot it would be different.