Had to Find a New Apartment

It is not as though I was really that enthralled with the place, especially since I had found a new job in the area of Grand Prairie, which is a long way off and a difficult commute. However I would not have moved if Andy had not gotten evicted. In fact I knew this guy was flaky for a long time, but he always paid his share of the rent and no one could have guessed he would do something this weird. At any rate I got to looking around and I think this place ( www.forumatgrandprairie.com ) looks pretty good for what I want. The thing that I need is a new roommate, perhaps it would be better if he were not some sort of voyeur who likes to spy on college girls. In this case it is really hard to say that Andy was doing too much differently from a lot of other guys aside from taking it way too far. I think every guy around saw those girls and they had to have known that they were being watched. Of course I stayed inside when I looked at them.

At any rate I am going to be really close to the office if I get an apartment at this place. I think it would take around five minutes to drive to work and back, which is a fraction of what I have to drive right now. I am not going to have to get out of bed until about half an hour before work and that is what the bottom line is when you think about it. At any rate I am going to love it, but the roommate is key. It would be too expensive to get a single bedroom place in my current financial situation.