Helping out My Husband’s New Business is Fun

I am the wife of someone who decided to start his own food plant. I decided early on that I wanted to work there too, and my husband said that he thought it was a great idea as long as I understood that it would be hard work getting the business started from scratch. I told him that I would do whatever is necessary to help him make it into a great company. The first project he put me on was to find the right dry fillers that we would need for food packaging.

First, I had to make sure that I bought equipment that would be strong enough to stand up to use for many years without breaking down early on and causing us to lose money due to needing new equipment or losing work time. This meant everything needed to be stainless steal and the machines would need to be ones that have a long pattern of long-time use with many other companies.

Because some of the things that will be packaged are very powdery, we needed machines that would help us to lose the least amount of food product. If you have ever seen people have a flour fight and you see how much of the fine powder flies through the air, you will understand exactly what I mean. A filler machine works very quickly to help you complete your jobs, and the flour dust flies. That is exactly what you do not want happening. You want something that gets the food into your packaging with the least amount of food landing in your plant instead.

Once I knew what I was looking for, I started looking for big name companies that had a reputation of selling top-notch products that we could afford. I flew out to meet with representatives at two of the companies and found exactly what I needed right away