Home for the New Semester

Before the start of my junior year of college, I made a lot of money by working as a lifeguard on a fancy boat owned by some rich guy who works in the oil industry. He was having parties on his boat during the summer, and the boat has its own pool. He paid me and another guy a lot just to make sure that no one drowned at the pool. I put some of this money to finding a place to live off campus. I found a website with a list of good apartments in the area and decided on one that looked amazing. It had the right amenities, cost, and amount of room.

Although I didn’t bring that much with me when I moved in, it was still pretty hard because I was moving all of the heavy items. My parents are too hold to do that kind of heavy lifting, unless they’re looking to get a back injury. Once I was settled in, I did a little exploring to see if I would meet any people who would be taking classes that semester. I found a couple of students on the same floor who were moving in and gave them a hand with their boxes.

After I helped the students, we went out for pizza at a local restaurant. The good thing about this restaurant is that they give a discount to students during the first couple of weeks of school. We ordered two large pizzas with everything on them and talked about the classes we would be taking that semester. Since I was a computer science major, I would be taking all kinds of programming classes, with the other students thought sounded pretty tough. They were taking biology classes for premed, and that sounded like hell on Earth.