How Porcelain Veneers in Denver Changed Me for the Better

I really disliked smiling. Not because I was mean, but because I had bad teeth. My tooth enamel was spotty. It had some really white areas, and then it was almost transparent in others. This let the dingy color of the dentin show through. So, even though my oral hygiene was impeccable, my teeth looked dull and yellowish. I wanted to keep my teeth, but I wanted them to be shiny and white. I found a dentist who does porcelain veneers in Denver to fix my problem. This way I could keep my teeth and still get that nice bright white smile I was looking to have.

Getting my smile fixed was an investment in me. It was all the makeover I wanted or thought I needed. I was happy with my hair and clothes, and I had no issues with my weight. I just wanted a nice smile. I would see other people with teeth that looked perfect, and I was ashamed to smile around them. I had a real negative complex about my teeth. I noticed people who a lot of others would not find attractive, but they had those beaming megawatt smiles that made up for any other lack of looks. It got to the point that I tried to hide my teeth in general conversation. I would keep my head partially down and didn’t know I was doing it. It made me look like I had no confidence and was submissive to anything and everything. Not quite the portrayal I wanted to make to people.

Getting my porcelain veneers in Denver changed all that. I am smiling from the moment I finish brushing my teeth in the morning. I give them a look in the mirror with a beaming smile, and I feel confident from that moment forward for the rest of the day. My smile helps me with proper body language for portraying appropriate interpersonal skills. People no longer see me as mousy but confident. They ask me what caused the change as they never really saw my teeth to know I was ashamed of them. Now they see my smile and think it is a personality change. It was always there, but was hidden because of bad teeth.