I Am in Las Vegas Now

I got here about two weeks ago and so far things are going really well. My friend from back home had everything lined up for me. In fact I am stepping right into the life of this other guy, the two of them used to work in the same place and the two of them shared an apartments for rent in Las Vegas NV. The other guy was apparently supposed to be taking his crazy pills, the sort that stop you from acting crazy. At any rate he stopped taking these pills and the crazy came bursting out like a torrent. Apparently he is going to be spending the next ninety days as a guest of the state of Nevada, and he is definitely never coming back to work at this casino kitchen.They would probably send security after him if he got within sight of the place, at least that is how I hear the story.

At any rate they needed a guy just like me and my friend was the one who decided who got hired. He knew that I was not happy and apparently someone had told him about the fact that I was broken up with my girlfriend. At any rate I was almost ready to kill the guy I have been working for and that is not an uncommon sentiment. I have seen guys sitting around drinking and talking about how they would do it and how likely they would be to get away with murder. I was really happy to see how smoothly this place works. It is a great thing for me to just work and not have to deal with people yelling at one another. Of course we are cooking for a huge number of people, but they have it worked out so that everyone knows what they must do.