I Am Looking for Roommate

I found the place that I really like the Green Park apartments which is basically within a long morning walk from my new job. This is the website of the place if you really care, but in fact it is an obvious thing that I need at least one roommate. I have been thinking about the math and it would be great if I could find two of them. In fact that would be less than half of what it would cost me to get a single bedroom unit. That is a really big pile of money when I am making what I make and paying what I am paying on my car payments, car insurance and my other bills. At any rate I have been calling up all of the people I know that might be a possibility and talking to people at the office. A couple of them may be a possibility, but so far no one is in a rely hurry to sign on the dotted line.

It is really obvious that you would have to take a good bit of care about who you picked. I have had a good number of roommates, both good ones and bad ones. After you have been done wrong a few times you know what to look for and what you have to avoid. For one thing you need to make absolutely sure that they are stable in a number of ways. They need to have a job and the ability to keep a job, but they need to have mental stability. I once got a roommate that was just fine, so long as he took his crazy pills. When he stopped taking those pills, this guy got really scary and I mean the sort of scary where you put a chair under your door handle at night.