I Am Moving in with the Girlfriend

I was pretty happy when I figured out that my new girlfriend wanted to let me move in with her, although it is really moving at light speed so far as the relationship goes. So I was a bit surprised that it did not provide me with a shock to the system. Usually I am not in any sort of hurry to move forward in a relationship, but this seems to be a lot different. She has a pretty nice one bedroom apartment at a place called Seaside Residences by Fraser. It is a long way from being one of the nicest of the places there, but they have two huge towers with over eight hundred condos. Of course her father and her grandfather helped her buy this place, but she has a better job than I do as well. It is not the sort of place where I could hope to afford to be able to live.

In fact the place where I used to live is going to get torn down. They are going to level about a dozen places and then they are going to erect a huge skyscraper for rich people. In fact they have these sorts of things all over the island, since the amount of land is very limited and there are so many people jammed on it. That is the big problem for me when it comes to getting to work now, because this place is on the wrong side of Singapore for me and my job. I can not really complain though, since I am not being asked to pay my way. I am going to pay for stuff obviously, but the condo is bought and paid for, or at least that is what she is telling me about the subject when I ask.