I Am Still in Singapore

I have been here for nearly two and a half months and I have been doing quite well at accomplishing the things that I came here to do. Most of all we are trying to get a piece of property ready for sale, so that we can help erect a skyscraper. We did not buy the property ourselves, but instead we collected it instead of the money that we were owed by a former business partner. Right now the ground floor is occupied by a really nice family restaurant a place that provides TCM in Singapore, which means Traditional Chinese Medicine. The guy does not want to move and we are not really looking to be jerks about it. The restaurant is not that big of a deal. They are not really thrilled with the location and they want to get a bigger place. The real problem lies with the upstairs tenants, of which there are about forty families.

If you have never been to Singapore then you probably do not realize how tough it is to find a place to live that you can afford there. The place is pretty much a vertical city, because land itself is very scarce. The place is an island. I met this one guy who told me that he lived on a barge in the harbor. That was a simple solution for him. He wanted a bigger place than he could afford and so he had this barge turned into a place where he could live. He is not really sure if it is legal, but no one has called him on it yet and so he is not going to to squeal on himself. At any rate these people have a place they can afford and so they want to stay until we throw them out.