I Credit My Wife with Making the Difference in How We Live

We finally got out of the cramped apartment. We saved and saved. We put off having a family and paid for our education. We completed our internships and started into the corporate world. We did a little of the ladder climbing, and now we can afford a brand new place at the New Futura condo in Singapore. We pretty much were hooked on the idea from the very first artist renditions of the project. We really liked the design of the exterior of the two towers that look like the design of a traditional lantern. You should see this place lit up at night! It is amazing to see.

Our condo has three bedrooms. We have room to grow and add another child. I forgot to mention that we did start our family as we started that corporate ladder climb. My wife went through two promotions at her job while she was pregnant with our first child. I would say that is an incredible accomplishment. Her work was afraid of losing her to another company, and they gave her a very generous maternity leave. She did not even use half of it. She asked them if she could save it for child number two. She is always planning for the future as well as enjoying the present. She keeps me grounded in the here and now as well as having hope for the future.

I would never have achieved being able to have the job I have or this wonderful place to live at The New Futura condominium towers without her influence. I was too much of a spendthrift and a little lazy back when we first met. Things sure have changed for me and my approach to living in this world. Our home is beautiful. Her parents spend a lot of time with us helping to care for our baby. The third bedroom makes that easy. Our old apartment barely had room for us!