I Finally Have a New Home

Looking at different condo developments in Singapore was fun at first, but it got discouraging when I was not able to find what I wanted. I am not a super picky person for most things, but this was an exception. Where I live has to be just right for me, because it is not like I can pick up and move somewhere else when I find something better. It was not until I looked at the New Futura condo that I realized I had found the place that is perfect for me.

What made this condo development stand out more than anything else is the location. It is off of Orchid Road in District 9, which is a great location. What makes it perfect though is that it is not right on Orchid Road. That is what was wrong with all the other developments that are going up. The condos are nice, and the amenities in each one are plentiful. However, they are also located right in business districts, making it just way too busy for me. With New Futura, it is having the best of both worlds since it is far enough away to give me the peace and quiet I want but close enough to where I can be anywhere I need to be within ten minutes or so.

I did look at the condo units online, and i like the layouts of each one. They are pretty elaborate too, with some of them having two kitchens. There is even a four bedroom unit that has a private bath for each bedroom, and a common bathroom in the common area. There are pools, a fitness center, and so much more too. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the place for me, and it will be even nicer once I am actually living there.