I Got to Meet Some MLB Players

I sort of lucked out on this, because I could not have afforded if my Dad’s boss had not decided to figure out how to make it into a tax write off. I am not sure how he did it or it it is really kosher, but that is his problem. He knows that I really want to become a Major League ball player some day and I have some scholarship offers now, the best one for Colorado State. At any rate he got me place at the Elite Performance baseball camp and there were a lot of professional ball players there. This place claims that they are working with hundreds of pro athletes. At any rate I did not do that well as a pitcher in the camp, but that is really to be expected. I have been pitching for my high school team out of necessity. We had problems on the mound before anything went bad, then one of the pitchers got hurt and another moved to a different state when his Dad got a new job. So we needed to get a new pitcher and it was me.

My hope is that my defense is going to get me to the next level and there are plenty of college scouts who really seem to like me. I usually play in the infield at third base or at shortstop, but they put me in the outfield when this one guy is pitching. He has a real love of the high fastball, probably because he can not control any other pitch. Of course a high fastball is going to get hit a long ways, so when he pitches they want to have me in centerfield and the normal centerfielder in rightfield so that the two of us can cover a lot of ground.