I Had to Find Help So That I Could Spend Time Focusing on My Kids

I didn’t expect life to become harder as I grew older. I thought that I would grow older and smarter and easily learn how to handle everything more efficiently. Instead, I was struggling every single day. After taking time to think about what I needed to do to fix the issue, the first thing that I did was to take time to learn about house cleaning prices to see if I could afford to have someone come in to clean my place. I knew that I needed to free up time so that I could get other things done that I struggled with.

It turned out that life was easier when I was younger. I had fewer responsibilities and fewer people to look after. I have three kids and I am not married, so that really keeps me from getting on top of everything that I need to do. I work and commute to and from work about 10 hours every day, and that keeps me from being home with the kids, cleaning and many other things. It can get really upsetting when I come home to see that my kids ate cookies and ice cream for dinner because I wasn’t home to make sure that they got a nutritious dinner. One of my daughters was also failing in many of her classes. I knew that I needed to spend more time helping her with homework.

It turns out that hiring someone to do housecleaning isn’t very expensive. The cost is negligible when you think about how much time it gives you back in your life. Now, a really nice lady comes by 2 times per week to help clean. My kids are now old enough that they can help out as well, but they also need to focus on school work. So, I only ask them to take care of things on the days that the cleaning lady is not there to do the work.