I Stopped a Burglar with ADT

Thanks to my ADT security system, I’m getting a commendation from the mayor of my city. There was a burglar who had managed to avoid capture by the police for 2 years. He was always careful and meticiulous with his burlgaries. He never left any fingerprints behind, no strands of hair, or anything else that would give him away. He could sneak into any home without being detected and steal just about anything. He would have continued to burglarize the city, but one day he made a mistake that ended his burglar career, and that was trying to break into my home.

The burglar tried to enter through one of my windows late one night while I was asleep. I had set the alarm to sound if it detected anyone trying to break in, like I always do before I go to bed. The burglar usually disables any alarm system that any home may have before attempting to break in. He thought he disabled the system on my home, but he didn’t, which led to his downfall. When he opened the window, the alarm went off and he had no chance of getting away. He tried to run for it, but the police were able to pick him up as soon as he started to scurry away.

I don’t know how the police were able to get to my home so fast to catch the burglar, but I am glad that they were able to, because I wouldn’t want to have to deal with that burglar again. He could have been roaming the streets for a long time, looking for more homes to break into, more items to steal, and leaving peoople with a lot of heart ache and grief because he ruined their day and broke their items.