It Was Impossible for Me to Do Everything on My Own

I can’t do everything by myself at work. I just can’t. That was a hard lesson that I needed to learn this year. I started a one-man business in the hopes of getting ahead, and then I attempted to handle as much of the work alone that I could. That was not the wrong answer in the beginning, and that’s because I could not afford to hire anyone else. As the company grew, it finally became incredibly clear to me looking for accountants in Bristol and an advertising company as well were both things that I needed to do immediately. There was no way to put those things off anymore after I hit a breaking point.

I can’t say that I have been someone who has control issues in life. I have very much been pretty good about working with a team of people since I can remember. But that changed a bit when the business belong to me, rather than someone else. I never really understood that when the business belongs to you, you fret and worry about things going wrong in a way that you do not really do when you have someone else who is your boss and they own the company instead. I tried to handle everything without help from the beginning, but companies grow. When the business started expanding, I continued to struggle and try to do it without the help of others. That is when I began having troubles and making a lot of mistakes. Still, I held on alone.

When I began losing clients, I finally woke up a bit. I could not afford to lose any of them, and I knew that if I continued allowing that to happen, I would be at risk of losing everything that I worked for. Getting someone to handle the accounting helped a lot. Getting someone to handle my marketing handled helped even more.