It Was Official Last Night

Last night, my family and I were having a great time talking about how fun it would be to move to another country. My dad told me that he had always wanted to move to another country where the people are nice, and he said that Singapore was a country that he was thinking about visiting and moving to. I did not know what to think, as I was afraid that he would be there and not come back. The would help him find cleaners, and there are a lot of people who are from the United States that live in Singapore. Although he is eccentric, my dad always has a good way about him. He knows who to trust and who not to trust. I thought that it might be a scary thing for him to go over with no family, and that is when he asked my husband and I to move over with him, I thought that I was going to pass out because he was really serious about the move.

My husband had all of the color leave his face, as he saw that my mind was starting to race and I actually was thinking that moving to another country would be a good idea. I wanted to know what he thought, and he said that it was going to be something that we would have to talk about at home. That meant that he wanted to have a conversation about moving away from my father, where we would be able to have an open and honest conversation about what would mean if we moved with him. We do not have any children and I think it would be a fun and crazy adventure to go across the world for a few years and live with other cultures.