Master Physics at Your Own Pace

Getting o level physics tuition in order to pass critical exams is absolutely essential if one wishes to succeed in the educational system here in Singapore. The system here is not like the United States in that students must pass certain very rigorous exams in order to progress on to the next level. It’s absolutely vital to pass these exams because they basically determine your future. You can’t enter certain trades or industries without acing the tests. And since everyone takes them, you are pretty much locked into a social position once you’ve gotten your scores. They follow you for life.

That is why so many people stress about the tests. I remember going through the ritual a few decades ago and I still believe it was the most stressful experience in my life. Once I got passed them, everything else in university seemed easy by comparison. Now I’m trying to prepare my own children for the experience and they’ve got some benefits that I never had. Technology is making it easier to prepare for these exams, for instance, but also the availability of tutors is better than it was when I was a kid. I had to do all the grunt work on my own.

I decided to look into a tutor for my children because they weren’t picking up physics at the level necessary to pass the exams. I found a person with deep knowledge of the subject and signed my kids up for some sessions to see if they could improve. The initial series of sessions went off without a hitch and I saw that my children improved their skills immediately. The tutor not only knows the topic, but also has a very solid teaching style that meshed well with my childrens’ personalities. I expect them to do very well on their o level tests.