Moving from a Noisy Apartment to Much Quieter Apartment Homes in McDonough

We had lived in an apartment complex that switched its rental policy to offer very short term leasing. There was a lot of workers who moved in for a few months out of the year who were from other states. Some companies rented apartments and stuck as many people in it that would be allowed. I think it went over the limit in more than one apartment. The noise on the weekends was out of hand, so me, my wife and our two girls started to visit property that had apartment homes that were in a much quieter environment. We wanted a place that was mostly families. Our place was turning into a frat house, and we could not stand it.

I asked the management of our old place to let us out of our lease due to the noise. They balked at first, but then I told them I have enough proof that I would win easily if I argued it. They knew what their place was turning into. They let us out of our lease and fully refunded our security deposit when we left. We moved to a much quieter environment at the Crossing at McDonough that has a nice playground and a swimming pool. They have a Bark Park, and that means we could get a dog! We have been wanting one for a long time, but they were not allowed at our old place. The kitchen at the new place is a thousand times better with its nice white cabinets, black appliances and a laundry room with washer and dryer hookups off from the kitchen. Plus, we have a private patio that is really nice.

We could not help but sign the lease at the Crossing apartment homes there in McDonough, Georgia. The playground and the swimming pool alone make it a great place for us and the kids. We were glad to get out of our noisy place into a much better community over in McDonough.