Moving into Luxury Living in Florida

I started looking into apartments for rent in Miami Beach right away after my boss told me I got a big promotion that most of the people in the office have been chasing for months. When I say a big promotion, it really is a big promotion. My salary increased by double, and I get a lot of perks and much better benefits. But for me the promotion meant I could finally move out of my parents’ home and get my own place. I’d put it off for a long time because it’s expensive and I have student loans.

Now that the loans won’t be a problem, I could focus on finding a really nice place to live in the city. The excitement I felt about getting out of the basement and into my own apartment was profound as I started researching apartment units in the city. I was so excited that I actually had to step back a few times because I was afraid that I would make a hasty decision and then live to regret it. I have a friend who signed a rental contract and the place turned out to be a dangerous dump and he couldn’t get out of it.

That wasn’t going to happen to me. I looked at lots of places and called all of them and made sure to speak to someone who knew the answers to all my questions. I set my sights on one place in particular because the person on the phone seemed so knowledgeable and confident. I went down to take a look and had to restrain myself from signing the contract right away. The apartment units looked perfect, the amenities were more than I expected, and the staff seemed to run a tight ship because everything was clean. I’m going back for another tour, and then I’m going to sign that agreement!