Moving out and Setting Up Made Easy

Have you ever been in a situation that you needed more than a few things for your HDTV set up? I know that I was in that situation not to long ago! I had more than a few issues with TV set up and had to find a place that had everything I ended so I wasn’t getting different pieces from different places. This is where comes in! I was told about from a friend and I am so glad that I was!

A couple of months ago, I was moving into my new apartment. I was starting fresh out of college and only really had a few items to my name. One of which was a TV that I had brought from home when I moved into my dorm 4 years earlier. There was nothing wrong with the TV, I barely watched it the years that I had it, so getting a new one would have been a waste of money. When I was sitting up everything, the apartment building furnished everyone with a satellite box. As a college student, I never used one of those. I had a Fire Stick and watched Netflix and mainly things I could see on the internet through that. The idea of a satellite was interesting to me, so I tried to set it up.

After 2 hours of wondering “Why doesn’t this work?” I called my friend to come and help. He is a tech wizard and could set any electronics up in his sleep. He came over and immediately told me “You don’t have the right connection wires.” Then he looked at the box and said “This probably won’t work either.” Then he explained to me that I needed a new set up. I didn’t like the sound of that and asked “How much will this set me back?” He said “Go to and I’ll tell you what to get.” and after explaining to me that I’d need wires and boxes from different places, he helped me see how expensive that would be from different retail chains and I went on the website and got all I needed for half the cost! I even asked a few questions and got knowledge on other items sold on the site. I just got what I needed from there that was legal and was on my way.