My Folks Are Moving Closer to Me

I was really happy when my parents told me they were going to move down here to North Carolina. My father has traveled extensively for his work, so they have moved every couple of years. That was nice in some ways as they really got to experience life in so many different ways, but it did not allow them to put down any roots either. When he told me he wants to retire, I was happy. When he said he wanted to look at apartments in South Charlotte, I was thrilled.

I was hoping they would come live closer to where I am, because I mainly only get to see them on video chat. It would definitely be nice to see them in person more than once or twice a year! He told me that he is on the final leg of his contract, and he wanted me to start looking at apartments close to me that he would be able to get later on this year. I already knew which apartment complex they would be happiest at, because a good friend of mine had just looked at one that is absolutely perfect.

I sent my mom the link so she could look at it, and it only took her a minute or two to know that is where they wanted to be. They knew the area a little bit from the few times they have visited me, and she knew that I would not suggest a home in an area that is not perfect for them. She saw the layout of the apartment though, and she was sold. They will be moving here in about four months, and we already have one of the apartments lined up for them. I honestly cannot wait for them to get here, and they feel the same way.