My Mom Now Lives Minutes from Me

My mom had me when she was really young, so people often think she is my older sister. On my bad hair days, they actually think she is my younger sister! When she told me that she wanted to move to Vegas, I got pretty excited. She has come out here to see me at least two or three times a year, and the city has grown on her the same way it has me. She told me that she didn’t want to stay in my apartment, that she had looked at different apartments in Las Vegas before making this decision.

While she knew she was welcome to stay with my husband and myself, I also understood that she would feel like she was intruding. She told me that she really liked Bloom apartments, which made me scream a little with joy because that is just three minutes from where I live. You have to understand, my mom is so important to me, and knowing she is just minutes away is a dream come true for me. I also like the complex she wanted to move into. I have friends who live there, and they love everything about it.

My mom showed me the floor plan for the one bedroom apartment, and I had to admit that it was perfect for her. I especially liked that it has a balcony that overlooks one of the pools there, and I knew that she would end up spending a lot of her time there when she wasn’t at the pool. She had no problem getting accepted there, and she even has a dog now too, something she has wanted for a long time. My mom is also my best friend, and having her right here is better than anything I could have ever imagined!