My Natural Hair Extensions Help Cover Up the Family Curse of Thinning Hair

I felt bad for my grandmother. Her hair had thinned out so much over the last few years. She colors it and gets it styled once a week trying to cover her bare scalp areas. Grandma is not one to want to wear a wig either. She always remarks on how full and beautiful my hair looks. I had to tell her that it is my natural hair extensions that have it looking so full. She then told me how she had hoped the family curse skipped me. I asked her what she meant, and she told me that the women in our family have all suffered from significant hair loss as the years go by.

I mentioned how mom’s hair looks good, and grandma told me that her daughter, my mom, wears hair extensions every day. I knew mom wore them when she went out to a formal place, but I did not know she wore them every day. Grandma told me how she never found hair extensions she liked enough to use every day. She has a bit of arthritis, and putting the clips in and taking them out every day was a chore. I showed her my natural hair extensions, and I let her try a couple out. As I said, grandma colored her hair, and it was a perfect match to my natural color.

I saw my grandmother a couple days later. Her hair looked nice and full, and she had a package for me. It was brand new replacements for the hair extensions I loaned her plus some extras. Grandma liked how easy they were to put in and take out. She did not have any problems with the clips or styling her hair every morning. She was very happy to have something that gave her back a full and natural looking head of hair.