My Neck Was Sore when I Woke Up

I knew that I needed to visit a Mesa chiropractor after waking up with pain in my neck. I used to see one regularly after I was in a car accident years ago, so I knew the benefits of seeing one. I also knew when I woke up that this was not a normal pain at all. I had twisted my neck the night before when I was playing a game of ball with some neighborhood kids, but I thought that it was nothing that an ice pack along with a good night sleep wouldn’t cure.

When I woke up, I knew that it was something more than just a stiff neck. The pain had gotten a lot worse through the night, and it just did not feel right. I could barely turn my head to my right without shooting pain. My wife is the one who found the chiropractor that I went to that day. The one I had went to years ago has been out of business for well over a dozen years, so I was thankful she put her research skills to good use and found me a chiropractor that I was able to get into that day.

She took the day off work because there was no way I would be able to drive myself to the doctor with how bad it hurt to turn my neck. I did have to have some imaging tests done just to make sure that there was not something else going on. Thankfully, I was able to have them done right there, which meant that I was able to get my first adjustment done then after other things were ruled out. I felt much better within minutes, and I knew then that I needed to resume my adjustments because I fully understood how beneficial they are. It took a few more adjustments before the pain was completely gone, and I am now going back at least once a month to have an adjustment done again.