My Sagging Skin is Gone

I had always felt like the odd one out in my family, mainly because of how my older sisters look. They have the most amazing skin ever. There are no blemishes, and their skin would not dare sag. I, on the other hand, have went through a lot of the growing pains that most kids do. I had acne, pimples, and even freckles in the warmer months. It was not until I became an adult that I decided to find the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore because I was tired of my skin issues.

At that point, the biggest one was just my sagging skin. My sisters are all older than me with my eldest sister being eight years old and the one closest to me in age is two years older. However, they all look younger than me, or at least they used to. I take after my dad’s side of the family while my sisters all inherited our mother’s genes. I knew that I was not going to go to the lengths of actually having plastic surgery, but I liked the options that are available to people like me at the aesthetic clinic that I decided to go to.

They have options that do not require any type of surgery, and the results are simply amazing. It is impossible to tell that I have had any work done, but my skin looks just as good as my sisters’ skin now. I have had my skin tightened, and there are no more sagging areas at all in my neck or cheek areas. Even my sisters were impressed. They have always been supportive of me, and they told me that when their skin starts to sag they are going to have the same process done with them. I hope that none of us need it again for a long time!