Falling out of a Car Will Hurt You!

I sought out the services of a chiropractor in Campbell after a mishap I had with my husband while backing out of our garage. We were in a hurry to get to our son’s graduation service and both of us had our minds elsewhere. My husband was in such a rush to get to the school that he started backing out of the garage before I even had the car door shut. My arm got caught in the seat belt thing and the next thing I knew I toppled right out of the car and hit the pavement hard. I’m lucky the car didn’t roll over me.

I managed to get back into the car and made it to the ceremony, but my shoulder hurt something fierce. Continue reading Falling out of a Car Will Hurt You!

The Chiropractor Helped My Son

My wife and I ended up taking our son to a chiropractor in San Jose after he fell out of the tree house I’d built for him for his birthday. I tried to make the structure as safe as possible for a young boy and his friends, out of concern for a lawsuit if one of his friends fell but also just because I know what kind of mischief young kids can get into. Sure enough, someone fell. It sounds bad to say it was our son who took a spill, but at least it means we wouldn’t be sued by a neighbor.

Our son landed on his arm and was in a good deal of pain, enough that we decided to take him to the emergency room just to get him checked out. The doctor said nothing was broken and that it was likely just a bad sprain and to keep an eye on him. We thought he did get better until the day I noticed he seemed to be coddling his arm. He said he felt fine, but I could tell that wasn’t true. Continue reading The Chiropractor Helped My Son

Losing My Cool: the Day My Freezer Broke

I like to watch sales and stock up on meat when the price is right. Needless to say, my freezer is usually packed to the brim. Having the freezer go out would cost me a ton of money. Having a reliable appliance repair in Sacramento was a must. I need to know I have someone I can trust. Someone who fixes things without a hassle.

I went to get out a few packs of ground beef one evening for dinner and realized that it was defrosting. I did not have a lot of money to spend to buy a new one so I knew I would need a repair guy.

I quickly moved everything to a cooler to try to salvage what I could. I called a few places to see what the cheapest and best option would be.

After a few calls,I found a place for appliance repair in Sacramento that had reasonable prices. They seemed to know what they were doing and I trusted they would get it fixed in a timely manner. We arranged a time that they could meet me at the house.

The repair guy was dressed professionally and was very friendly. He arrived right on time. He checked it and told me exactly what the problem was. He spent around an hour working on the freezer and it was back to normal. Most of my food was able to be saved and I was able to put it all back in the freezer quickly.

I am keeping their number in my phone in case something else decides to go out. It is such a huge relief to know that I have a business to turn to when something is broken. It is such a money saver to have the appliances repaired rather than just going out and buying something new.

My Neck Was Sore when I Woke Up

I knew that I needed to visit a Mesa chiropractor after waking up with pain in my neck. I used to see one regularly after I was in a car accident years ago, so I knew the benefits of seeing one. I also knew when I woke up that this was not a normal pain at all. I had twisted my neck the night before when I was playing a game of ball with some neighborhood kids, but I thought that it was nothing that an ice pack along with a good night sleep wouldn’t cure.

When I woke up, I knew that it was something more than just a stiff neck. The pain had gotten a lot worse through the night, and it just did not feel right. Continue reading My Neck Was Sore when I Woke Up

A Motorcycle Accident is Changing Our Lives

My wife nearly begged me to not get a motorcycle. I used to own one for years before I met her, so I knew that I would be just fine on one. She told me that it was not my ability that she was worried about but the inability of others on the road to respect a motorcycle’s right to be there as well. It turns out that she was not only right but she was spot on too. A car hit me, and I ended up having to get a Sacramento personal injury attorney to represent me because that accident changed so much about our lives.

I am so thankful that my wife has never said she told me so. Instead, she has only shown love, gratitude, mercy and compassion. I spent six days in the hospital, and I had three surgeries in that time. I had to go to a rehab center after for another three weeks because I was just not well enough to go home. Continue reading A Motorcycle Accident is Changing Our Lives

A Unique Gift for Those Wedding Events

When my daughter finally decided to tie the knot, the real preparations began in earnest. Anyone planning a wedding knows how hectic the entire process is. All the preparations, the dress, the invitations, the seating arrangements, etc. are a real pain in the you know what. It takes weeks of careful planning and diplomacy to make sure everything is just right. Even the napkins and wedding favors have to be just perfect. Seeing as how my daughter is big into environmental politics, we decided to investigate the idea of wedding favour seed packets.

Traditionally wedding favours are some boring trinket that no one really appreciates and are forgotten about shortly after the wedding comes to a close. We decided to give my daughter’s some pep with seed packets. It’s actually a really neat gift in that it’s something that lasts for long after the wedding is over. These packets contain seeds so that people can take them and plant them later wherever they want. Continue reading A Unique Gift for Those Wedding Events

I Need to Make My Dad Proud of What I Do at Work

Working in a factory has been a lot of fun. There has been so much to learn. My dad owns the place, and when he heard that I did not want to go to college, he said that I needed to make a decision about how I was going to pay my way in life. I asked him if I could start working for him, and he agreed to that. Last night he taught me how to use the bearing tester that employees use to test machinery to make sure that it is working well. I was fascinated by it. I think it will be a good fit for me to work there, and my father thinks so, too.

Dad made sure that he went to college when he was my age. His parents even pushed him to do it. But my parents know that I can be a bit stubborn and I like to do things my own way. School was incredibly boring to me. I like doing things hands on, and listening to teachers drone on about numbers and grammar is just not my thing. I wanted to get more physical with work and be happy with what I do every day. I had been thinking that I could do that at my dad’s business, and I was so grateful that he said yes to that. He seemed to be proud of me for taking an interest in what he does for a living. He knows how bored I was in school, and he said he felt that I would probably be unhappy with college, too. I was glad that he was seeing things as I see them for myself.

I started full time at the factory last week. I really like the people that I work with. I love that I can have lunch with my dad when he has time, too. I am going to put my all into my new job and I hope to be the manager who overseas the plant floor within the next couple of years.

Apartment Listings for Alamo Heights

My landlord just slipped a letter under my door today, and it is about renewing my rent. The letter thanked me for being a tenant of the apartment complex, and said that they would love to keep me. However, I was pretty insulted by what followed that. It said that I had a limited time to act to renew my lease at a discounted rate over the rental rates for the next year. I am currently looking at listings for Apartments Alamo Heights and trying to find out some information about pricing for an apartment somewhere nearby that is similar in size to that one that I am currently in, because I am definitely not going to renew my lease and stay here for another year.

I really feel insulted by the letter, because it starts out pretending like they are going to do right by me for being a tenant and a valued customer. However, the discounted rate that they are proposing I renew my lease for, is almost 100 dollars more a month than what I am currently paying for my rent. Now I could understand if my rent went up a bit from year to year, when I renew my lease, but the amount of money that it is jumping up is just simply unacceptable to me, and that is why I am going to have to find somewhere else to live for the next year.

However, I think that I am more annoyed by the fact that they have the nerve to call this price increase a discount, when it is such a large increase. I guess they are going to charge new tenants even more than what they would charge me to renew my lease, but I do not really believe that. I think that they just raise your rates as much as they can and hope you’ll stay out of convenience.

Cheap Natural Gas for Ohio

Apparently, ever since I moved to Ohio, I have been paying a standard price to my default option for natural gas, and I did not even realize that there were other options for companies to go through with regards to natural gas. Nor did I realize that I might be able to save some money if I were to look into these things further. I am interested in Columbia Gas in Ohio and I think that I am going to try to see what sort of rate they might give me if I were to switch to them. They are not my default supplier at the moment, but as I understand it, I think that they could supply natural gas to my house instead of the company that I am currently going through, or at least that is my understanding of things.

I am not really used to being able to choose between different companies when it comes to natural gas, and it is kind of an alien experience, to be honest. Where I am from originally, there was no option to pick and choose between different providers based on the price that they would give you for natural gas. Rather, each area had their own supplier and that was the only one that you would be able to buy from, and that was the end of the story. It seems alot nicer to be able to pick between suppliers, if it gets you a lower rate in the end, and I think it also seems to be a bit more American to have such a choice in the first place. I know that regulations are there for a reason a lot of the times, but other times they just serve to benefit a particular company and cane produce a monopoly in an area.

My Daughter Was One of the Lucky Ones

My daughter wanted to go to the local football game with some friends. I didn’t have a problem with this because I knew the girl she was going with, and I trust her 100 percent. I was not even thinking about other kids though and how irresponsible they can be. While my daughter and her friends were behaving and doing everything right, a group of boys were the complete opposite. The end result was a car accident, and my daughter ended up having to see a car accident chiropractor in Chandler because of her injuries.

Granted, she got off easy compared to some of the others. Two of the boys in the other car nearly lost their lives, and my daughter’s friend who was driving ended up needing several surgeries for internal injuries. While I was thankful my daughter was not as bad off as them, I still hated seeing her in so much pain. That is why I wanted to get her to a chiropractor as soon as possible. Continue reading My Daughter Was One of the Lucky Ones

It Was Impossible for Me to Do Everything on My Own

I can’t do everything by myself at work. I just can’t. That was a hard lesson that I needed to learn this year. I started a one-man business in the hopes of getting ahead, and then I attempted to handle as much of the work alone that I could. That was not the wrong answer in the beginning, and that’s because I could not afford to hire anyone else. As the company grew, it finally became incredibly clear to me looking for accountants in Bristol and an advertising company as well were both things that I needed to do immediately. There was no way to put those things off anymore after I hit a breaking point.

I can’t say that I have been someone who has control issues in life. I have very much been pretty good about working with a team of people since I can remember. But that changed a bit when the business belong to me, rather than someone else. Continue reading It Was Impossible for Me to Do Everything on My Own

Helping out My Husband’s New Business is Fun

I am the wife of someone who decided to start his own food plant. I decided early on that I wanted to work there too, and my husband said that he thought it was a great idea as long as I understood that it would be hard work getting the business started from scratch. I told him that I would do whatever is necessary to help him make it into a great company. The first project he put me on was to find the right dry fillers that we would need for food packaging.

First, I had to make sure that I bought equipment that would be strong enough to stand up to use for many years without breaking down early on and causing us to lose money due to needing new equipment or losing work time. This meant everything needed to be stainless steal and the machines would need to be ones that have a long pattern of long-time use with many other companies.

Because some of the things that will be packaged are very powdery, we needed machines that would help us to lose the least amount of food product. If you have ever seen people have a flour fight and you see how much of the fine powder flies through the air, you will understand exactly what I mean. A filler machine works very quickly to help you complete your jobs, and the flour dust flies. That is exactly what you do not want happening. You want something that gets the food into your packaging with the least amount of food landing in your plant instead.

Once I knew what I was looking for, I started looking for big name companies that had a reputation of selling top-notch products that we could afford. I flew out to meet with representatives at two of the companies and found exactly what I needed right away

My Natural Hair Extensions Help Cover Up the Family Curse of Thinning Hair

I felt bad for my grandmother. Her hair had thinned out so much over the last few years. She colors it and gets it styled once a week trying to cover her bare scalp areas. Grandma is not one to want to wear a wig either. She always remarks on how full and beautiful my hair looks. I had to tell her that it is my natural hair extensions that have it looking so full. She then told me how she had hoped the family curse skipped me. I asked her what she meant, and she told me that the women in our family have all suffered from significant hair loss as the years go by.

I mentioned how mom’s hair looks good, and grandma told me that her daughter, my mom, wears hair extensions every day. Continue reading My Natural Hair Extensions Help Cover Up the Family Curse of Thinning Hair

Found a New Job and a New Place

I spent about a week living in one of those extended stay hotels, which was a pretty poor choice really for me. Then I sort of found a temporary place to stay while I was out on my new job. I just happened to make a service call to a nice old lady who was looking to rent out the loft over her garage. It was cheap and just fine for now. I did have to get reliant energy in lewisville to fix it up so that I could have my own meter, because she wanted it that way. Continue reading Found a New Job and a New Place

I Stopped a Burglar with ADT

Thanks to my ADT security system, I’m getting a commendation from the mayor of my city. There was a burglar who had managed to avoid capture by the police for 2 years. He was always careful and meticiulous with his burlgaries. He never left any fingerprints behind, no strands of hair, or anything else that would give him away. He could sneak into any home without being detected and steal just about anything. He would have continued to burglarize the city, but one day he made a mistake that ended his burglar career, and that was trying to break into my home.

The burglar tried to enter through one of my windows late one night while I was asleep. Continue reading I Stopped a Burglar with ADT

Tangling with the Chinese Dragon

Bo XilaiFinding truthful information about China is a challenging experience. I’m doing doctoral level work at a large private university about the Chinese political system and believe me when I tell you it is a nightmarish experience. Trusting official Chinese sources on anything is an exercise in futility. Totalitarian governments tend to deal in lies and distortions, and the Chinese government has turned falsehood into an art form. To make matters worse, the censorship of non-government sites in China is heavy-handed and quick. A bit of information goes up that the government officials don’t like and almost immediately all of the sites go down or are blocked with a warning sign. It’s maddening when I’m trying to get solid information to earn my degree. What all of this means is that I must use a little intelligence and some tenacity when looking for the information I need to do my work.

It’s quite fortunate that the Internet works to find pathways around even the most onerous censorship. As soon as the Chinese government blocks a site, two more pop up with the censored information. Oftentimes, you’ll get good commentary on what is actually going on. Continue reading Tangling with the Chinese Dragon

Wife of Bo Xiai – an Honest Accusation or All About Politics?

China's Bo Xilai emerges from scandal cloud | Deseret NewsThe trial of Bo Xilai’s wife is currently underway in China. This landmark case involves Mrs. Gu who is accused of poisoning Neil Haywood, a national businessman. Far from the traditional criminal case, this involves widespread speculation that her accusal was brought about specifically to topple her husband, a formerly powerful politician in the Chinese rigime.

Mrs. Gu is currently standing before a panel of three judges, and the burden is on her to prove her innocence. Her chances are not good, as more than 95 percent of criminal cases in China end with a guilty verdict. If she is sentenced, penalties could be harsh. Her husband could also be viewed as a conspirator, and he may not escape punishment either. Past murder cases have resulted in the swift execution of those charged, and that might possibly be the fate of this family as well.

While no murder crime deserves to go unpunished, this one is far from the traditional case. Continue reading Wife of Bo Xiai – an Honest Accusation or All About Politics?