Ready to Return to Work

It has been about three weeks now, it started like any other morning. I was in the back seat of Jack’s car since it was his turn to drive the carpool. There were four of us and I was working on something that I needed to get finished before a meeting. All of a sudden some guy crossed the center line and hit us head on. Evidently he had fallen asleep. I spent a couple of days in the hospital, then after that I had to see a chiropractor in Cumming GA and a physical therapist. We were all banged up, but I was sitting at the wrong place, the car hit us right where I was sitting and that meant that I got the worst of it. I had my seat belt on, but that did not seem to help me all that much. I ended up with all sorts of cuts and bruises.

The back injury was not obvious at the first, probably because I was hurting all over the place and that made it tough to realize that there was a specific problem. I did not realize it until the next morning, which I woke up in the hospital bed. It was pretty obvious that I was not going to be able to move around. After I talked to the doctors it soon became pretty clear that they would only be useful if the injuries were really serious, but I realized that a chiropractor would likely be able to fix me up pretty easy. It was great when I got up from the table and realized that the back was okay. You really have a lot of stuff to worry about when you go to see a chiropractor. You definitely want there to be no screw ups on his part.