SEO Saved My Parents’ Company

When my parents started their business over 30 years ago, their clientele was local to them. On the rare instance, someone would drive an hour or so to their store, but for the most part their customers could walk there. The internet did not exist then, and their competition was very minimal. Now that online shopping is the norm for so many people, I knew that my parents really had to invest in the digital side of their company. Simply put, they needed to hire a SEO service in Philippines to make sure people could find them on Google and other search engines.

They had a decent website, but they were still doing mostly walk-in transactions. Though no similar companies moved into the area, they still had massive competition just from the click of a few keyboard keys. They needed to up their online presence if they wanted to survive. I didn’t have the skills to make that happen, so I did a search for local SEO companies that would help put my parent’s business on the digital map. That is how I found Foretec. They handle SEO, website design, online marketing and so much more.

They were running a special, which we took advantage of. Foretec did an audit of my parent’s website for free, and they explained quite a few reasons why they were not getting the traffic that they felt should be there. When my dad saw their report, he hired them on the spot to get his website on the first page of search engines. It did not take long to do that. I checked every few days, and we were all very happy when we saw it on the main page, and close to the top too! Their business has improved drastically, and it is mostly because of online orders coming in.