The Chiropractor Helped My Son

My wife and I ended up taking our son to a chiropractor in San Jose after he fell out of the tree house I’d built for him for his birthday. I tried to make the structure as safe as possible for a young boy and his friends, out of concern for a lawsuit if one of his friends fell but also just because I know what kind of mischief young kids can get into. Sure enough, someone fell. It sounds bad to say it was our son who took a spill, but at least it means we wouldn’t be sued by a neighbor.

Our son landed on his arm and was in a good deal of pain, enough that we decided to take him to the emergency room just to get him checked out. The doctor said nothing was broken and that it was likely just a bad sprain and to keep an eye on him. We thought he did get better until the day I noticed he seemed to be coddling his arm. He said he felt fine, but I could tell that wasn’t true. My wife suggested we look for a chiropractor to see if maybe he had a pinched nerve.

So we went online and found a great clinic and took our son in. The chiropractor took a look at his arm and agreed he probably had a pinched nerve. My son winced when the chiropractor moved his arm in one direction which apparently is indicative of this type of issue. The chiropractor worked on our son through making adjustments and it seemed to work wonders. After just two appointments our son’s arm was much better. He wasn’t coddling it anymore and was easily able to reach and grab things. Just goes to show you that chiropractors can fix medical problems!