We Are on the Way to Aspen

Of course I am basically just getting a free trip to act as a flunky. My girlfriend and I know this guy who works for a big shot in the movie business. The guy is really rich and he loves to be the center of attention, so this is mostly about publicity. They have a film festival up there and right now we are living in the Aspen luxury home rentals that this guy got for his headquarters. By that I mean he rented two homes, the one we are staying in is a cabin theoretically. It does not look like a cabin to me, since that seems to indicate a place like you see on TV. They are supposed to be one room places barely big enough for a small family.. This place is absolutely enormous. It seems to be designed for a vacation by an extended family. There is a room with three sets of bunk beds, obviously intended for a big mob of kids. Then there are four really large bedrooms and two smaller ones.

Obviously the place is designed for you, your grandma and grandpa, you mama and your papa along with all of your brothers and sisters and so on. We have rather little to do honestly. We are helping out our friend by running errands and getting things ready, but mostly we have been hiking and I have been fishing in this stream I learned about from this old cowboy. At least I thought that the guy was an old cowboy. I saw him in town later and he was with this girl that looked like a model or an actress. It turned out that he was a retired investment banker, apparently a very good one that had managed to become incredibly rich doing that.