We Fell in Love with Our Apartment

My best friend and I have been through a lot together. We are so close that it is as if we are sisters rather than just friends. We knew that when we graduated college, we were going to look at Stone Oak San Antonio apartments because we wanted to live with each other until that day when one of us marries the man of our dreams. It will be even better if we have a double wedding! But anyway, we both were given great job offers, so we just had to find an apartment that was conveniently located to both of them.

We looked on a map and determined the area that would be central to both. We looked at the different complexes in the area, and we knew that none of them could top the Regency at Lookout Canyon apartments. There are so many things included with these apartments, and we just knew it was the place for us. While we were happy about all of the community amenities, we were super excited about the actual apartment. We were able to find a two bedroom unit with two baths, a garage and a room for the laundry.

The reason why this one excited us so much is because both of the bedrooms are roughly the same size, and each one has its own private bath. The master bedroom bath are slightly bigger, but the other room has two closets, a window seat, and the washer and dryer right outside the door. The kitchen is huge, and the living room and dining room will be plenty big enough to hold all of our combined furniture. It is so hard to believe that we are living out our dream here now, and I hope that it lasts for a long while before we start the next phases of our lives!